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Who Needs to File the FBAR?

Anyone who must file or pay US taxes from abroad are required to file the FBAR once their financial accounts have reached ...

What are the consequences if I don’t file the FBAR?

Hefty penalties can come your way if you forgot or didn’t know you had to file the FBAR, or Foreign Bank Account ...

I have missed years of FBARs. How can I catch up?

Since FBARS are filed through FinCen and not the IRS, penalties can be as high as $10,000 a year for filing errors ...

How do I get started with MyExpatFBAR?

MyExpatFBAR is a software that helps you file your US FBARs, no matter where you live. Getting started takes less than 5 ...

When should you file the FBAR?

The deadline for filing the FBAR is October 15. For example, you can file your 2021 FBAR until October 15, 2022. Was ...

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