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Want to get your US Expat Taxes done as well as your FBAR?

You can quickly and easily file your FBAR online with MyExpatFBAR - or file your US Tax Return & your FBAR together with MyExpatTaxes! It's possible to ...

Can you e-file my FBAR for me?

Yes, you can digitally submit your finished FBAR to FinCEN with MyExpatFBAR. Was this Article helpful? Let us know if you liked ...

Does MyExpatFBAR have a referral program?

Yes, of course! With your first purchase, you'll receive a unique referral link to share that with your friends! They'll receive 10% ...

What if I made a mistake during the process?

With MyExpatFBAR, you’re in complete control. You can save, go back, edit & update anytime.  Was this Article helpful? Let us know if you ...

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