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How many accounts can I report for the fee?

The fee (€49 / USD 59) is per year of FBAR filing, regardless how many accounts you have to report for any ...

What Payment Methods on MyExpatFBAR Can I Use?

We support direct bank transfer, credit card, and Paypal transactions. We fully adhere to the European PSD2 directive, which requires two-factor authentication ...

Can I refer my friends and get a discount in return?

Yes, of course! With your first purchase, you'll receive a unique referral link (to be found in your invoice). Share that link ...

If I file my FBARs first and then file my tax return in the same year after all, will I get some discount for the taxes fee?

If you file and pay for your FBAR only at first, but later want to upgrade to file for a tax return ...

When and how do I pay on MyExpatFBAR?

Have no fear, you’ll be able to use our service for free up until we are ready to provide you with your draft tax ...

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