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Can I see the history of changes I made in the app?

Within the MyExpatTaxes / MyExpatFBAR app, there is no ability to view the log of changes. However, you can always edit your ...

Would there be a tax withheld on my FBAR accounts?

There is no tax on the FBAR values; FBAR reports are for informational purposes only. Was this Article helpful? Let us know ...

Will info of joint accounts with non-US spouse be included on the FBAR?

Yes, you will need to include any joint accounts on your FBAR, however your non US citizen/Green Card Holder spouse does not ...

My financial accounts did not reach the FBAR threshold – should I still file?

You should file an FBAR if the total of all financial accounts combined exceed the $10,000 threshold. Even for one day! Keep ...

What would be the process and how long will it take to review my tax return?

If you opt for a professional review, then our tax review team would start looking into your case as soon as possible. ...

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