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Can I see the history of changes I made in the app?

Within the MyExpatTaxes / MyExpatFBAR app, there is no ability to view the log of changes. However, you can always edit your ...

What would be the process and how long will it take to review my tax return?

If you opt for a professional review, then our tax review team would start looking into your case as soon as possible. ...

Would there be a tax withheld on my FBAR accounts?

There is no tax on the FBAR values; FBAR reports are for informational purposes only. Was this Article helpful? Let us know ...

Will info of joint accounts with non-US spouse be included on the FBAR?

Yes, you will need to include any joint accounts on your FBAR, however your non US citizen/Green Card Holder spouse does not ...

My financial accounts did not reach the FBAR threshold – should I still file?

You should file an FBAR if the total of all financial accounts combined exceed the $10,000 threshold. Even for one day! Keep ...

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