Of course - we're dealing with sensitive data, so we've taken several steps to make MyExpatTaxes/MyExpatFBAR as secure as possible:

  • Rather than trying to re-invent the wheel, we rely on well-proven and established industry standards.
  • All the libraries we use have built-in security features out-of-the-box.
  • Our lead developers have years of security experience, having worked in banking, payment, insurance and the networking industry.
  • Our front-end and back-end systems are loosely coupled and we vigorously scrutinize every call to the back-end - i.e., we do not trust any client-side security measures.

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We take data privacy very seriously. All your data is stored encrypted on our servers and we collect only what we need to prepare your tax returns.

We are fully compliant with all strict GDPR measures. We also fully adhere to the European PSD2 directive requiring two-factor authentication for all online payments. We don't store your credit card information.

If you ever want to delete your account, all data that is associated with you will be deleted without a chance for recovery. We will have to retain the tax forms that were provided to the IRS to comply with the US tax law for the necessary period though.

For more details, please check out our privacy policy right here.

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Yes, MyExpatTaxes is GDPR compliant. No client data is shared with third-parties, except the tax authorities of course, which is the aim of our software. While working through a browser, MyExpatTaxes uses the typical tracking of cookies, but clients need to explicitly opt-in before those cookies are set.

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MyExpatTaxes was designed with security in mind from day one. The architects and lead developers have 20+ years experience in creating secure web applications.

On all infrastructure levels, the software uses state-of-the-art security best practices. Data is encrypted at transport and wherever possible on rest. Passwords or security question answers are stored as hashes only, so that not even MyExpatTaxes can read these data. MyExpatTaxes does not store any credit card information.

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We're using Mollie as our Payment Gateway and allow for a variety of payment methods (based on your location, different options might be available).

Through Mollie, we fully adhere to the European PSD2 directive. PSD2 is the latest set of rules set by the EU to help regulate payments in Europe. PSD2 transforms the way payments and e-commerce work by requiring two-factor authentication (2FA) for all online payments which increases the security of your checkout.

We don't store your credit card or other payment information, so we do require you to re-enter that with every purchase you make.

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We're not one to drop names....but if you're asking 😉

MyExpatTaxes has helped over 10,000 users with their varying tax situations no matter how complicated. Why not hear it from our satisfied customers!

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Although we do our best to secure our clients' data, accessing the application via the Internet is always a weak point in the security chain. With automated brute force attacks, an intruder might be able to guess weak passwords. This is also the reason we introduced two-factor authentication.

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Whenever a client logs in from a new device, they will not only be asked for a password but also for a 6 digit code which is sent to their email (or as text message) and valid for 20 minutes only.

If a clients regularly uses a known device which is secure, they can check the Remember this device checkbox. Future login attempts from this device will then not require two-factor authentication.

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These days automated software robots try intrude web applications for malicious actions. This simple math question is not totally easy to detect and be answered by automated scripts, thus ensuring that a real human is using our application.

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