We don’t agree with the common pricing schemes in the market, where customers are charged per form and don’t see the total bill until the end. We won’t ever do that to you!

Therefore we developed a flat fee pricing structure which includes the most common US Expat Forms:

  • Schedule 1040 with common Expat Tax attachments: Form 2555 (2555-EZ), and 1116
  • Schedules A, B, C, E, D & even SE as needed based on your tax situation
  • FBAR and Form 8938

If you want to look for a specific form, please refer to our list of supported forms.

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Have no fear, you’ll be able to use our service for free up until we are ready to provide you with your draft tax return (after you complete the deductions section). We use Mollie as our payment system, which supports direct bank transfer, credit card and PayPal transactions (options may vary based on the country you live in).

All prices are quoted in EUR and includes VAT already (how about that for transparent pricing).

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We support direct bank transfer, credit card, and Paypal transactions. We fully adhere to the European PSD2 directive, which requires two-factor authentication for all online payments. We don't store your credit card information at all.

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Yes, of course! With your first purchase, you'll receive a unique referral link (to be found in your invoice). Share that link with your friends! They'll receive 20% off their first return with us and you'll get €20 in credit towards your next tax return with us. Learn more about our rewards program.

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Yes, if filing under the "Married Filing Jointly" status. Filing together with your spouse does normally come with better tax benefits. However, it can cause extra reporting stress for Americans with non-US partners.

If you want to figure out if it makes more sense to file jointly or separately, check out our blog which covers the topic in depth. Here you can check out our pricing and the rewards you get if you file with MyExpatTaxes.

Here's a breakdown of our pricing plan:

  • Our standard plan cost €149, that is for a single tax return.

  • For married couples that will be filing jointly, the cost will be same since they will use the same tax return.

  • For married couple that will be filing separately, they will need to set up their own separate account and pay their own fees.

Please see our pricing page for more information.

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Our software offers an estimate prior to payment, so you know what you are getting into. Did you know, most of our US expat clients do not end up owing US taxes? Thanks to double taxation treaties it's true!

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