You should see a floating chat icon on the bottom left corner of our application. If that doesn't work, sending an email to or using the Contact Form on our website works just as fine!

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You may select the "Reset Password" to change your password when you're on the log-in page. You may also use this link:

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Don't worry! You need to take very easy steps to start filing with us.

Firstly, create an account (for free) then fill out your information. You can also save your progress and come back anytime. If you are on our website, you’ll just need to select the “Get Started” button; please see below:

Then select “Sign In” there are two buttons to sign in you can choose any of them/you may also use this link to log in:

After signing in to your account, you go through our questionnaire. That will guide you through the process based on the answers you give.

Once you paid the fee, your draft tax return(s) will be generated and you'll be able to access it through the app within a few minutes.

You can then provide feedback on them directly on the app and either reject the drafts or proceed to authorize us to finalize your return.

Lastly, confirm the results and calculations. Our expert tax team will e-file your tax returns with the IRS and you will be notified along the way.

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You can use two ways to reach out to us via Live chat or send us an email:

If you need help in real-time, you can reach us thru our Live Chat within the MyExptTaxes App, you’ll just need to select the chat icon on the lower part of the navigation panel.

Chat button MyExpatTaxes

You’ll be asked for your name and email address (that you used to sign up with us MyExpatTaxes) to proceed with the chat, and one of our Support Team will be assigned to you to help you in case you get stuck.

stuck during filing process contact

You may also send us an email at or use our Contact Form on our website.

We’ll get back to you within 24 hours if it’s on weekdays. Our Live chat is available on our app about 12-14 hours per business day so we can cover all the time zones.

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We can help you with that. Our intuitive expat tax software allows you to report financial assets simply and smoothly. Financial assets you can report include: Cash, bank account deposits, stocks, bonds, mutual funds and any other non-US financial accounts.

How to enter it through our app?

Once you go through our question, you’ll reach a section labeled as FBAR and FATCA:

fbar and fatca myexpattaxes

Step 1: Confirm if you have any non-US financial accounts:

foreign bank account report myexpattaxes

Step 2: Confirm if you want to file with us. Please note it’s already included in the fee.

Step 3: Add all your account details:

If you have anymore questions, feel free to contact our tax team! They are standing by to assist.

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At MyExpatTaxes, with the Rewards Program, we offer two ways to save on filing. We thank all our customers for their loyalty!

Gaining Credits From Being A Returning Customer

Each year that a customer returns to MyExpatTaxes, they will receive 25 credits added to their account starting in 2021.

Therefore, if you filed your US expat taxes with MyExpatTaxes in 2021, you will receive 25 credits added to your account in 2022.

Sending Referral Links

Another way you can save with MyExpatTaxes is by sending referral links. After you make your purchase with MyExpatTaxes, you will receive a referral link that you can send to your friends.

This link will be shown after checkout but is also to be found in your invoice. You can also access it by clicking on the gift icon in the top menu.

What is the discount I will get?

When you send a referral link to a new customer with MyExpatTaxes, they will receive 20% off their purchase with us, and you will get 20 credits added to your account.

Make sure your credit is tracked.

Make sure your credit is tracked by ensuring that your friend uses this link when making their account.

What are Credits?

1 credit = 1 unit of currency you choose to make your payment in.
Currently, MyExpatTaxes offers EUR and USD. Therefore, 1 credit = 1 USD or 1 EUR.

Learn more about the MyExpatTaxes Rewards Program.

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Check out using the "File Your Return" navigation panel and select the "Checkout" option.

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With MyExpatTaxes, you’re in complete control. You can save, go back, edit & update anytime. During the process, we’ll also be giving you overview summaries to check and confirm your input.

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Within the MyExpatTaxes / MyExpatFBAR app, there is no ability to view the log of changes. However, you can always edit your information as needed. 

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If you don't yet have the document, you may just skip the question and come back once the document is available. If the upload is required, you can just upload a blank word document to bypass the question.

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When this occurs, it is normally due to your browser. We recommend trying different browsers or downloading the PDF and opening it up with Adobe Acrobat:

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MyExpatTaxes posts all of our expat tax video tutorials on our YouTube Channel. Be sure to subscribe and click the bell '🔔' to be notified when fresh videos are posted.

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We mark which questions are required based on your unique tax situation.

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As long as it has not been submitted to and accepted by the IRS, you can still make some changes. If it was submitted and accepted by the IRS, you can always make an amendment, however this may require you to upgrade to the Professional or higher tiers of support.

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We understand your hesitance. As we're dealing with sensitive data, we also have customers that are not comfortable providing all their information online. Your Social Security Number is required for filing your US taxes and match with the IRS record. No worries though, we are fully compliant with all strict GDPR measures, and all your data is safe.

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If you made significant changes within the app, your tax forms may need to be reviewed by one of our tax professionals. Then, they will be regenerated/re-finalized so the changes will reflect in the final forms.

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If you are Streamlining, then these prior year returns cannot be e-filed. Please use the included Tax Filing Instructions (2nd page in your tax package) to paper mail your return. If you are filing prior years outside of the Streamlining Procedure, we may be able to e-file your 2019 return (2018 and prior cannot be e-filed).

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The MyExpatTaxes software asks you to complete 4 years of tax returns because it includes the current year as well.

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In order to provide consent for efiling 2021 Tax Returns, you will need to either:

  • Use the Self-Select Method and enter a PIN and your AGI from your last year's tax return
  • Sign Form 8897

The most convenient way is to use the Self-Select Pin Method. So how do you find your AGI from your 2020 Tax Return?

Your Adjusted Gross Income (AGI) is found on Form 1040, Page 1, Line 11.

In this case, your AGI would be 95,564.
Which you would enter on our Efiling Consent Page:

Keep in mind, if you filed jointly with a spouse last year, then you BOTH have the same AGI.

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To report your self-employment income as common-law employee salaried income:

1) Delete your self-employment income entry

2) Select "Foreign Employment Compensation" on the Foreign and Other Income Section

3) Enter your self-employment income as salaried income on the "Foreign Employment Compensation" section when it pops up.

Keep in mind: You need to report your gross income and cannot deduct any business expenses.

Attention! If you receive a 1099-MISC or 1099-NEC, filing as a common-law employee may trigger the IRS to audit you and your employer. Instead, you should talk to your employer to determine if you should be getting a W-2 instead of 1099-MISC/1099-NEC. If your employer disagrees and you are confident you should be classified as a common-law employee, then:

  1. File Form SS-8 with the IRS directly
  2. Request that Form 8919 be included in your Federal Tax Return at the Feedback Section to withhold your 1/2 of Social Security Taxes (you will need to be in the Professional Tier)

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