This page is still under construction.
Our MyExpatFBAR service will launch within the next few weeks!

Our MyExpatFBAR service will launch within the next few weeks! We'll provide more content on this topic soon.

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You can quickly and easily file your FBAR online with MyExpatFBAR - or file your US Tax Return & your FBAR together with MyExpatTaxes!

It's possible to upgrade from MyExpatFBAR to MyEpatTaxes during the process. Just click on the 'FBAR & US TAXES' button on the top and we'll transfer your account.

If you file and pay for your FBAR only at first, but later want to upgrade to file for a tax return in the same calendar, the FBAR payment will be credited towards the tax return fee!

File just your FBAR - or File your US Expat Taxes Too! The choice is yours.

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With MyExpatFBAR, you’re in complete control. You can save, go back, edit & update anytime. 

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You should see a floating chat icon on the bottom left corner of our application. If that doesn't work, sending an email to or using the Contact Form on our website works just as fine!

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You can use two ways to reach out to us via Live chat or send us an email:

If you need help in real time, you can reach us thru our In-App Live Chat. You’ll just need to select the chat icon on the lower part of the navigation panel.

chat buttton MyExpatFBAR

You’ll be asked for your name and email address (that you used to sign up with us MyExpatFBAR) to proceed with the chat. One of our Support Team will be assigned to you to help you in case you get stuck.

stuck during filing process contact

You may also send us an email at or use our Contact Form on our website.

We’ll get back to you within 24 hours if it’s on weekdays. Our Live chat is available on our app about 12-14 hours per business day so we can cover all the time zones.

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You may select the "Reset Password" to change your password when you're on the log-in page. You may also use this link:

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With your first purchase, you'll receive a unique referral link.

This link will be shown after checkout but is also to be found in your invoice. You can also access it by clicking on the gift icon in the top menu.

Share that link with your friends! They'll receive 10% off their first return with us and you'll get €10 in credit towards your next tax return with us.

Make sure your credit is tracked by ensuring that your friend uses this link when making their account.

What are Credits?

1 credit = 1 unit of currency you choose to make your payment in.
Currently, MyExpatFBAR offers EUR and USD. Therefore, 1 credit = 1 USD or 1 EUR.

Credits work like cash towards your next return with us. When filing the FBAR next year, we will be even more affordable.

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Once all required information has been filled out, you will be automatically directed to the "Checkout" page.

To purchase additional FBARs use the 'Purchase additional FBARs' button on the "Checkout" page (which can be found in the "File Your Return" navigation panel).

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Within the MyExpatTaxes / MyExpatFBAR app, there is no ability to view the log of changes. However, you can always edit your information as needed. 

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If you don't yet have the document, you may just skip the question and come back once the document is available. If the upload is required, you can just upload a blank word document to bypass the question.

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When this occurs, it is normally due to your browser. We recommend trying different browsers or downloading the PDF and opening it up with Adobe Acrobat:

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