We can help you with that. Our intuitive expat tax software allows you to report financial assets simply and smoothly. Financial assets you can report include: Cash, bank account deposits, stocks, bonds, mutual funds and any other non-US financial accounts.

How to enter it through our app?

Once you go through our question, you’ll reach a section labeled as FBAR and FATCA:

fbar and fatca myexpattaxes

Step 1: Confirm if you have any non-US financial accounts:

foreign bank account report myexpattaxes

Step 2: Confirm if you want to file with us. Please note it’s already included in the fee.

Step 3: Add all your account details:

If you have anymore questions, feel free to contact our tax team! They are standing by to assist.

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How can expats contribute to their US Roth IRA? First let's look at what an IRA is:

Roth IRA: You can make monetary contributions that already had taxes paid (i.e.: after-tax). From this, your earnings and withdraws can potentially be tax-free (as long as you meet certain conditions). You can learn more about it thru this link IRS page.

To determine your IRA contribution limit, you’ll need to look at your filing status, taxable compensation, and adjusted gross income (AGI). You are either eligible for the maximum amount, a reduced amount, or not eligible at all from these three factors. Check out this calculation from TIAA to see how much you can contribute.

Keep in mind: When you use FEIE (Foreign Earned Income Exclusion), this might mean that ALL of your compensation is excluded from US taxation, therefore you have $0 taxable compensation.

Adding Roth IRA contributions on the MyExpatTaxes software

To add your contribution to the software, you’ll need to select the “IRA Contributions” tab on the navigation panel left of the page:

ira contributions myexpattaxes

Then select “Yes” to the following questions below:

ira contributions feature myexpattaxes

Then, choose ROTH IRA to input your contribution details:

roth ira myexpattaxes features

Once selected, you can choose the following option that applies to you:

IRA contributions page myexpattaxes

To learn more, you may visit this page from our website.

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Yes, of course! With your first purchase, you'll receive a unique referral link to share that with your friends! They'll receive 20% off their first return and you'll get €20 in credit towards your next tax return with us.

In addition, all returning customers starting from 2021, will automatically get 25 credits added to their account for next year's filing. This way, we offer users 2 ways to save when filing with MyExpatTaxes.

Learn more about our referral program.

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Yes, you can e-file your tax return with us, but do note that the IRS requires a paper-mailed tax return in certain situations (like the Streamlined Procedure). If that would apply to you, we'll guide you step-by-step through the process to submit your return via post.

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This is definitely on our roadmap. Please email us here and we’ll update you if we can support you!

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Short answer: Yes!

At the moment, we cannot guarantee that we can cover your state return in the flat fee pricing for our app as each state is different and has different tax laws (to be fair, a handful of states are bigger than some European countries, so we get it).

Most expats don't need to file a state return. However, if it is determined that you do need a state return, we'll let you know immediately and the additional fee for preparation. In the meantime, read about state taxes as an expat and how to avoid having to file a state return.

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