MyExpatTaxes is a tax software that helps you file your US taxes, no matter where you live. Getting started takes less than 5 minutes. To make the process faster, ensure you have the required documents needed to file your return.

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  1. Create an Account. Create an account in under 3 minutes! Answer simple questions about yourself.
  2. Activate your account. A link will be sent to your inbox to activate your account. Make sure to check your spam!
  3. Start answering simple questions. Our intuitive software adapts to the answers you give, which saves you time. 

Documents to get Started | Required for all taxpayers:

Your foreign version of a W-2 (a document from your employer that provides you with an overview of your total salary and taxes paid)

Documents to get Started | Other common documents taxpayers need:

Did you? Documents you might need:
Sell stocks, get dividends, earn interest income 1099 or foreign equivalent
Pay off student loans 1098-E
Pay off a mortgage 1098
Move recently Receipts for moving related expenses
Donate to charity Receipts for charitable donations
Pay un-reimbursed medical, dental or business expenses Receipts for relevant expenses

You can always save your progress & return to your account if you don’t have all the information handy. So no worries!

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