The Foreign Tax Credit or Form 1116 is often used in countries with a higher tax rate than Uncle Sam. It is a dollar-for-dollar reduction towards your foreign earned income. You may learn more on this link from our website.

Please see the steps on how you can fill out Form 1116 (Foreign Tax Credit) using the software:

Firstly, you’ll need to log in to your account. If you are on our website, you’ll just need to select the “Get Started” button; please see below:

myexpattaxes software

Then select “Sign In” there are two buttons to sign in you can choose any of them/you may also use this link to log in

inside myexpattaxes software

Once signed in, select the “Select Income(s)” section in the navigation left of the page:

myexpattaxes select income form 1116
myexpattaxes income form 1116

Once you enter your income, you’ll be asked if it has been taxed outside the US, and you may select “Yes” to enter the amount of foreign taxes withheld from your income.

myexpattaxes income subject to taxes outside the US form 1116

After entering all your income, the software would direct you to the summary of all your income:

myexpattaxes taxes paid
myexpattaxes double taxation check

You can always reach out to our Support team at if you need any help while filling the questions, or you can request a chat on our website for real-time assistance; we are open during business days.

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