Don’t worry! You need to take very easy steps to start filing with us.

Firstly, create an account (for free) then fill out your information. You can also save your progress and come back anytime. If you are on our website, you’ll just need to select the “Get Started” button; please see below:

Then select “Sign In” there are two buttons to sign in you can choose any of them/you may also use this link to log in:

After signing in to your account, you go through our questionnaire. That will guide you through the process based on the answers you give.

Once you paid the fee, your draft tax return(s) will be generated and you’ll be able to access it through the app within a few minutes.

You can then provide feedback on them directly on the app and either reject the drafts or proceed to authorize us to finalize your return.

Lastly, confirm the results and calculations. Our expert tax team will e-file your tax returns with the IRS and you will be notified along the way.

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