First off, thank you for choosing the Premium Tier on MyExpatTaxes! Here are some tips to make your filing experience as smooth as possible.

Schedule your 30-minute call with a Tax Professional

After you upgrade, you will get a unique link to schedule a one-time 30-minute call with a tax professional. Please note that additional calls are possible, however may incur additional fees.

Prepare for your Tax Professional Call

While you can definitely just join the call without any preparation, we recommend that you help us by providing more information prior to the call for our review. This will speed up the entire tax filing process so you can check US taxes off your to-do list quicker!

At a minimum, we will need to know the basics

So please start at
and continue through the app as much as possible, at least through to the tax filing status page

Let us know what type of income you have

You can select the US Tax Forms you have here:

You can select the types of income you have here:

Upload relevant tax documents

If you are a new MyExpatTaxes client, welcome! Please make sure you upload any prior US tax returns you have (if none, all fine) in the documents section.

If you are returning MyExpatTaxes client, no need to upload any prior year returns, we already have them here:

In addition to that, you should upload any relevant US Tax Forms or Local Tax Returns.

For self-employed clients and those with rental income:
Please do not upload multiple receipts or spreadsheets with income and expenses.
As mentioned on our pricing page:
The Premium Tier Package is only available if your financial records and bookkeeping are up to date and organized in a usable manner for your US tax preparation.

If you need support organizing financial statements including bank statements, additional fees will apply.

While we are happy to help calculate total income, major expenses, and foreign taxes paid, you will be responsible for calculating any misc. expenses for business and rental income.

Of course, if you are unsure, you can upload what you have and we’ll run through it in the meeting with you to determine what is relevant.

Want a fast turnaround on your US Tax Return?

If you are looking to finish up your US taxes asap, then we recommend you go through the entire app from start to finish, enter all your income, and then you will instantly get your draft return at checkout. From there, review your draft return and give us any feedback you have when prompted.

Then in our 30-minute video meeting with you, we can quickly go through the open points and give you a revised and final return within 24 hours assuming all the information needed is given to us.

Happy Filing! We can’t wait to work with you!

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