If you are a US citizen, you need to report your worldwide income if you meet the IRS tax filing threshold. Why? The US is one of the two countries that have citizenship-based taxation; the other one is Eritrea.

With MyExpatTaxes, you’ll be guided by our software to select the types of income that need to be reported. It is classified as US source and Foreign source income:

us standard tax documents myexpattaxes

Source Income would be input under the “US Standard Tax Documents” section, which looks like this:

us standard tax documents feature myexpattaxes

You’ll need to select which forms did you receive to input your US source income:

us source income types of income myexpattaxes

Foreign Source Income is on the tax return section on the navigation panel. You’ll need to choose “Select Income” as such:

select types of income feature myexpattaxes
types of income for tax year myexpattaxes

Once you have input your income our software will automatically calculate the most beneficial expat tax benefit that you could use based on your tax situation. If these throw a red flag, a tax professional will review it further.

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