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Can I submit an (EFW) payment to the IRS?

Yes, you can submit an Electronic Funds Withdrawal Payment directly to the IRS using your US Bank when e-filing through our platform. ...

Can you e-file my return for me?

Yes, you can e-file your tax return with us, but do note that the IRS requires a paper-mailed tax return in certain ...

Does MyExpatTaxes have a referral program?

Yes, of course! With your first purchase, you'll receive a unique referral link to share that with your friends! They'll receive 20% ...

Do you support taxes for other countries as well?

This is definitely on our roadmap. Please email us here and we’ll update you if we can support you! Was this Article helpful? Let ...

Can I also file my state tax return with MyExpatTaxes?

Short answer: Yes! At the moment, we cannot guarantee that we can cover your state return in the flat fee pricing for our ...

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