1 – Make sure you’ve uploaded all the necessary signed consent forms.

If you are e-filing an FBAR or state return, you should have received a link via email to give your consent to e-file. Download the attached PDFs. Print, sign, and then re-upload the forms. (High-resolution phone photos are fine.)

2 – Make sure our preparers aren’t waiting on an answer from you.

If you are filing state tax returns and have given all consents, it could also be that a state tax preparer has reached out via email with an additional question about your return. Check your inbox in case you have a message that may have been overlooked.

3 – Did you get a confirmation?

After providing all consents, required signatures, and answers to additional questions, you should receive an email when your federal and state tax returns have been accepted, along with a reference submission ID for your records.

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