Address Format
Street Address Line 1 ‘AddressLine1Txt’ cannot contain more than 35 characters, abbreviation of lengthy address information may be required to provide all pertinent information.
Note: MeF will reject returns that contain address information on the Street Address Line 2 field ‘AddressLine2Txt’. Individual Returns will reject business rule IND-055-02. Business Returns will reject with business rule R0000-197-01.

Via the IRS restrictions, page 18

Unfortunately, for us to be able to E-file tax returns, we have to comply with this rule.

IRS regulation does not allow more than 35 characters in addresses.
And we think this is ridiculous.
But it is a requirement for E-filing.

Is there ANY way around this?

Some other online tax preparation applications that allow you to enter longer addresses will actually cut off your address after the 35 character limit, or force you to paper mail your return (‘snail mail’? Gross!)
This can result in misplaced mailing from the IRS, lost notices, and even lost refunds!

At MyExpatTaxes, we try to be as transparent as possible about this.

We want to make sure your return is filed as accurately and safely as possible!

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